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Traditional Steeplejack Services

Chimney and Cooling Tower Maintenance

Reinforced concrete structures, particularly those exposed to aggressive atmospheric conditions, require regular inspection to monitor depth of carbonation, evidence of structural cracking, accelerated corrosion of reinforcement and possible delamination of cover to rebars. Cooling tower shells suffer these problems particularly at the outwardly flared part of the profile due to continual saturation.

Chimney shells suffer equally internally because of acidic degeneration caused by gas filtration through the lining condensing on the relatively cool inner face of the windshield. The above inherent problems can be monitored and controlled by implementing a regular inspection regime followed up by maintenance, where required, to minimise long term damage to the structure.


Chimney Linings

Flue linings can either be acid-resisting brickwork, stainless, carbon or low alloy steel, reinforced plastic and gunned or cast refractory. The type of lining to be used is primarily governed by the internal service temperature and also the nature of the gases discharged. Movement can occur between the lining and the windshield, often generated by expansion due to temperature fluctuations, wind deflection, or seismic reactions.

Irrespective of the lining chosen, careful detailing of the system used to restrain movement is essential. Syntex has considerable experience in the design for new or the repair of all lining systems and will be please to offer this expertise for projects under consideration.


Chimney Demolition

Syntex Engineering Services Limited has developed and implemented chimney demolition techniques in locations throughout the UK and Europe specifically tailored to suit live plant conditions and minimise disruption to the everyday running of the plant.

Concrete cutting techniques using diamond tool systems are used to cut the chimney windshield into cylindrical sections and then lowered by mobile crane to ground level. This method of demolition minimises the likely hood of falling debris during the demolition and also hand-arm vibration associated with prolonged use of impact hammer equipment.


Industrial Painting

Steel and reinforced concrete structures, particularly where located in industrial areas, require regular inspection and maintenance. Concrete surfaces may require the application of protective or deorative coatings. These should be designed to resist the penetration of air or rainwater borne pollutants, which would reduce the inherent alkalinity of the concrete and accelerate corrosion of the reinforcement.

Similarly carbon structural steelwork must be waterproofed to prevent corrosion. The preparation and specification for both new and repainting works requires careful and expert consideration to achieve satisfactory results that may include provision for pressure washing or grit blasting. Syntex offer their considerable experience in providing safe access to elavated working locations and their expertise in the specification for works of this nature.