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Construction Services

Chimney Design and Construction

Syntex offers a comprehensive design & build service for new chimneys conforming to the latest internationally recognised codes and standards.

The expertise offered is derived from extensive knowledge and expertise gained in carrying out many large scale chimney rehabilitation contracts to distressed structures in since the early 1980’s. The lessons learnt by in-depth studying failure mechanisms are reflected in the high standards of design that we now achieve.

Windshields of reinforced chimneys are now continuously cast in-situ using the slip form process. The relatively thin section at upper levels, in some cases being only 125mm thick, demands expertise in shutter design and operation. In addition, close supervision and care in the casting process should be implemented to ensure compaction of the fill to achieve the required density. Codes of Practice and Standards vary worldwide but the majority of new stacks are constructed to International Standards.

Silo Construction

Reinforced concrete silos, generally circular on plan, can be found directly at ground level or alternatively supported on columns to give access beneath.

The materials to be stored, either liquid or solid, will dictate the detailed design but the reinforced concrete walls will usually be cast in-situ by the continuous pour slip form method. The illustrations given show a ground level silo designed to store liquid ethylene at sub-zero temperatures being constructed by Syntex in SE Asia.