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Dow Chemical, Thailand

Client: Dow Chemical, Thailand

Location: Map-Ta-Phut Site, Rayong

Project: Flare Guy Wire System Maintenance and Inspection

SYNTEX carries out inspection and maintenance services to guyed structures throughout the U.K., Europe and Asia.  

SCG-DOW Chemicals operations in Thailand tasked SYNTEX with the detailed inspection and tension checking of a 260ft (80m) flare stack guy wire system alongside a riser verticality survey and pressurised application of a protective wire rope lubricant and guy re-tensioning.

As part of the inspection criteria SYNTEX carried out a visual inspection along with a Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) survey.  Carrying out both inspection methods allows for a complete analysis of the guy wire condition.  External defects can be seen visually, both internal and external defects are detected with the use of the MFL equipment.  

The MFL measuring head comprises of two electromagnets which is then mounted onto the guy wire.  A recording device is then connected to the measuring head which analyses the information from the measuring head as it pulled along the guy wire.  On the return of the recorded back to ground level it is connected to a laptop where the data is retrieved for analysis and through a software program the data can be interpreted from a line graph to distinguish the condition of the guy wire, indicating any defects that are present.

As well as the identification of internal and external deterioration of a wire rope, analysis of MFL survey results can also allow the identification of the expected remaining lifespan of a guy wire rope enabling Client’s to plan well in advance for the replacement of a guy wire system.

SYNTEX can also perform a range specialised maintenance works to guyed structures alongside inspection services. Should tensions need adjusting due being out of tolerance adjustment can be made using the ground level tensioning arrangements. Where this is not possible, or where the remaining adjustment in these systems is not sufficient, SYNTEX can carry out the resetting or replacement of the adjustment systems through the ‘slipping’ of guy wires or installation of temporary tensioning arrangements.

SYNTEX can also carry out the replacement of individual guy wires or whole guy wire systems as well as replacement and servicing of guy wire system components.

To complete the guy wire inspection and maintenance SYNTEX performed a verticality and tensioning survey.

This involved using traditional surveying equipment to take verticality readings on the flare from pre-selected points.  These readings checked to ensure that they are within tolerance according to the relevant standards for guyed structures. On this occasion the stacks verticality was within tolerance so there was no need for adjustments to the guy wires. In the event that adjustment is required this can usually easily be achieved through adjustment of the guy wire tensions through the ground level tensioning arrangements.

Tensioning reading were also taken at each guy wire using a Fulmer tension meter.  The tension meter can cater for a range of different diameters of wire ropes, with the tension meter’s component adjusted to suit.  It is then clamped onto the wire rope, the lever arm is then pulled which exerts a force onto the guy wire and the deflection is measured.  These measurements are then converted to tension values using calibration charts and compared to the original design tensions to check whether they are within tolerance for tension according to the relevant design standards. If out of tolerance the tensions in the wire ropes can usually easily be corrected through adjustment of the ground level tensioning arrangements.       

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