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The Company

The Syntex Group with its headquarters based in Teesside has been providing specialist solutions to the power generation, petrochemical, and heavy industries since 1983. Since formation, we have evolved into one of the most recognised and respected industrial service providers, with a comprehensive range of services and expertise.

Increased demand led to steady and sustainable growth, resulting in expansion with additional branch offices opening in Asia to meet with demand. Syntex now have a global presence and are able to deliver safe and cost-effective solutions worldwide.

Our specialist services include:

  • Design, construction and controlled demolition of industrial chimneys.
  • A thorough inspection of industrial chimneys, cooling towers and flare stacks.
  • Slip form construction of silos, shafts and profiled reinforced concrete structures.
  • Inspection and repair of high rise and difficult to access structures.
  • Design and provision of temporary access facilities to elevated structures.
  • Acid resistant, cast, spray applied and brick linings for Chimneys, furnaces and molten storage facilities.
  • Concrete repairs to structures.
  • Flare stack maintenance, tip changes, guy rope adjustment and verticality checks.
  • Application of industrial protective coatings.
  • Structural steel and pipe work fabrication, installation and testing.
  • Mechanical, materials handling plant and equipment installation.
  • Roped access solutions.
  • Life line and fall protection netting installation.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of air craft warning lights.